Arkavello - Open Heart


Arkavello is an Edmonton three-piece that just released their second EP, Open Heart, and their first since 2015's Songs for the Future. Open Heart is a deeply open, personal and emotional effort, highlighted by the beautiful second track, "Dad", and the lyrical prowess shown on track three, "Open Heart": "I never thought it would come to this, a broken mirror and my clenched fist". The lyrical themes are wonderfully executed and carefully penned.

The music, crafted by John Hutchinson and Riley Frank, is simple and satisfying, structured just so you're hanging on every lyric, building suspense into each next line. Hutchinson's aforementioned lyrics largely explore the theme of love and relationship, and the internal stuggle that they can cause.

The band's first ever music video for "Dad" can be viewed below- a song for Hutchinson's father. The entire EP is dedicated in full to his father, which can be heard below the video. February 23rd, the EP release date, would have been his father's 52nd birthday. Enjoy this one.

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