The Northbest: Baby Jey


Oh sweet Baby Jey. This Edmonton band consisting of lead man Jeremy Witten and Aladean Kheroufi (The Velveteins & solo work) soothes throughout their debut release, Someday Cowboy, with pensive country tunes. These are bolstered by the complex arrangements offered, synths that subtly wink at you throughout and Witten's seemingly effortless melodies. I was having such a difficult time hashing out my thoughts on this band, so when I asked a friend and fellow fan for an opinion- I got this:

"Such good bass lines. Funky, jazzy, pop but from a different era. Fuck. They have a 60's pop vibe with sassy 80's drums. Americana guitar. It's such an amalgamation of sounds. It gives off this driving through nostalgia vibe. Like your listening to someone else's decade. I'd definitely give a shout-out to Mitch's (Holtby) drum programming. The whole thing is dreamy but never boring. I have a hard time placing it, clearly. If mid-century modern could exist in sound, they would be it. Clean and well-designed. I want to drink a milkshake in a 50's drive-in diner when it plays"

So, yeah. This shit is wonderful.

Listen below and catch them on The Standard (Healthy Phat's new music playlist), and The Northbest (Healthy Phat's celebration of local music).

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